Facility Management

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We offer solutions that save time and increase profits while creating greater value for your customers.


We believe cleaning operations can only be successful if all stakeholder needs are met. That's why every Diversey solution starts by understanding the needs of our customers. As an industry leader, we leverage our experience and insights to create new opportunities that help building service contractors grow their business.

Value Creation


Operational Efficiency
We look at the entire cost of cleaning from labor to supplies, quality to capital, and provide solutions that help make your operations leaner, greener and more cost-efficient.


Profitable Growth
Your success depends on continuous acquisition of new clients as well as the optimization of existing contracts. We help meet those objectives through best practice concepts, differentiation by delivery and overall cost savings.


Continuous Innovation
To help businesses move faster, we continuously innovate on product systems, methodologies and support, sharing our market knowledge to provide the right solutions at the right time.


We define sustainable solutions as those that directly benefit people, planet and profits. Whether it is our environmentally-friendly products, best-in-class dosing & dilution systems or thoughtful resource management, we look to drive balance across your business.


People & Safety
Keeping your teams motivated and safe is what separates good cleaning operations from great ones. We take safety seriously and offer tools, training and support that help prevent injuries and make tasks easier.


Working Capital Optimization
By streamlining purchasing, reducing inventory and minimizing equipment cost, businesses can take profit-generating efficiencies into their own hands. We support our customers with Smart Fleet Management systems, financial solutions, and smart tracking & monitoring.


Integrated Facility Management Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to cleaning with smarter, integrated solutions that address every element of facility care to protect your brand and business.

Customer Centric Solutions