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Delivering Dependable Cleaning Results while Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

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A Total Solutions Approach to Health and Hygiene in Life Sciences Industries


As a global leader in cleaning and hygiene solutions, we offer our Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics customers an unmatched portfolio of disinfection solutions. Whether it's personal hygiene, sanitization programs for high care areas, floor cleaning machines or programs for any equipment or surface, we have a solution.


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We are always keen to work closely with our customers to develop unique and robust solutions that ensure safe production and help upgrade your hygiene programs while keeping costs in control. This includes pioneering applications for aqueous cleaning of API's, a wide membrane of CIP (Cleaning in Place) product range, optimized CIP programs for vessels, rotational floor disinfection programs and optimized packaging for sterile disinfectants and cleaners.


Industry Leading Disinfection Solutions


With an intimate understanding of disinfection technology and chemistry, we offer tailor-made programs that provide the most complete and cost-efficient disinfection regimes. For added peace of mind, our specialists are available for support throughout the process to help you select the right disinfection program and its validation.


No matter the program, every Diversey solution comes with distinct advantages:


  • Comprehensive choice of chemistry, including many patented chemistry products
  • Broad spectrum disinfectants with contemporary chemistry and a wide choice of sporicides
  • Large repository of micro-claims for all products – Both AOAC and EN claims available for US EPA registered products
  • Technical assistance and audit support to develop the right program and identify gaps in your current hygiene and disinfection regime
  • Products made in cGMP, ISO 9001 and 14001 approved plants
  • Complete documentation available for all products
  • Low-level residue analysis methods available


We offer a broad chemistry choice, recommending the most suitable disinfection regime with a range that includes:


  • Fast-acting sporicides based on per-acetic acid or a patented chlorine dioxide technology
  • Broad spectrum disinfectants based on 5th generation QAC, amphoterics or QAC formulations with amine or biguanides
  • Patented AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) technology
  • General purpose disinfectants


You can rely on our expertise and product range to revamp the disinfection regime in your operations and adopt a gap-free program that places long-term value on safety, effectiveness, speed of action and the environment.

Above all, our experts recognize the right rotational 'fit' of the products – understanding that not any two or more disinfection products used in a program give you the right rotation effect – and work to ensure your investment gives you and your business the right protection.