Locate, Monitor & Manage Your Machine Fleet

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Knowing Today, Ready for Tomorrow

TASKI IntelliTrail. Intelligent Fleet tracking solution brings you:

  • Total asset management—monitor your fleet remotely 24/7
  • Check the machine’s position and receive alerts when it leaves the site
  • Monitor negligent use (crash & battery incidents)
  • Reduction in operational cost
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Cost reduction

  • Simplified administration – no need for administrating machine locations. It is accessible at all times online
  • Reduce total cost of ownership including ability to determine the right size of fleet required, operating costs and reduced labor costs
  • Prevent machine theft by triggering an alarm when the machine leaves a predefined area (Geo-fence)
  • Fleet optimization through time tracking


Quality proof

  • Show the cleaning activity periods
  • Monitor cleaning task fulfillment
  • Prevent complaints proactively
  • Give visibility and build trust to your customer


Track your fleet, optimize their usage and distribution and save up to 15% of the machine's price in labour cost and procurement.

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Internet Of Clean

IntelliTrail’s unique technologies allow you to track your machine operations real-time through an online support platform.